Posted on: March 30, 2009 5:08 pm

Cooler heads need to prevail in Denver

This Cutler-McDaniels rift is getting ridiculous.

First off, in my opinion both parties are obviously wrong and continue to handle it poorly.  At this point in time, it's a moot point on whether or not McDaniels initiated the trade talks.  Even if he did (McD maintains he did not, Cutler still says he did), it doesn't really matter now that Cassel is playing further down I-70 now.

I feel that McDaniels DID inquire about the availability of Cassel for the following reason: The NFL is a win now league.  McDaniels has to know that he'll be on a pretty short leash...especially since he's replacing a Super Bowl winner and legend in Denver.  The only name that has shone brighter in this town is Elway's.  Coincidence that their steakhouses compete with each other in Cherry Creek.  That being said McD should let Cutler know that while he considers Cutler to be a superior talent with an immensely superior upside...he was checking on the likelihood of bringing in a QB that knows his system and terminology and potentially gave him a better opportunity to win NOW. 

I personally think it would have been a mistake regardless, but it is almost a daily occurance in today's NFL that teams are willing to sacrifice long term potential for short term success.  And Cassel would have been short term success at BEST.  Cutler is pissed and rightfully so, but he needs to come down a bit and get his panties out of a twist.  He needs to approach the team and let them know, what outside of a trade will make him feel better. 

I think anything outside of a major contract extension for Cutler is going to lead to an extremely long and distracting season.

Way to go Coach.

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